Tuesday, December 30, 2008

New year resolutions!!!

Nothing big gets accomplished in one day. Resolutions are set in one day, but accomplished with a hundred tiny steps that happen throughout the year. New Year's resolutions should be nothing more than a starting point.

Life has a funny way of throwing unexpected things at us, and flexibility is required to complete anything but the simplest goal. New year is around the corner and I'm still thinking of my resolutions.Let me jort down whatever I have in my mind now.
To improve my vocabulary.
To improve my patience. Last year's resolution being continued ;)
To join for Masters.
To laugh more.
To continue my tennis classes.
To spend more time with my parents.
To lose some weight. Last year's resolution being continued ;)
To learn swimming.
To tell my loved one's "I love them" oftenly.
To admire many people and learn from them.
To love and enjoy little things in life.
To become more organised.

Luv u all n Happy new year!!!

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Ad that caught my attention!!!

I got up a little late and missed my early morning cab so, decided to take cab @ 8.30. Got a little time to watch Amitabh the NDTV reporter and some news. Boarded the 8.30 and met my friend. We started discussing about our work, our trips, Bangalore roads, recession, depression and Mumbai terror attack.

I normally happen to look at all the Ads boards around the road. As they say a lot with little time, little space and have lots of thoughts, creativity in it. I just simply love the ads making people. They are just “Genius” man!!! We were few yards away from our office, stuck in traffic jam and an ad board caught my attention.

It was the new Tata Sky + ad of Aamair Khan (and Gul Panag). It said “Watch your F1 while you record the serial”. It was a pretty good poster no doubt about it. But what got into my mind was “Formula one races comes on the weekends; and on weekends as per my knowledge there won’t be any soaps only reality shows!!!”. I donno what was there in the ad maker's mind when he thot about the above lines.

Friday, December 5, 2008

Flower - I love...

It was quite a good at work and since I was in pretty good mood; decided to buy some flowers for myself...”Just to pamper myself”. I love buying it for myself. so, decided to get down near a florist and buy orange/ pink/ yellow Gerbara flower.

I got down near the florist asked him “Do you have Gerbara?” He said “No madam”. Looking at his shop first only I should have realized “this person will not have any flowers”. Being a florist he is not having one of the most beautiful flower on this earth!! Huh!!
Florist without Gerbara in his shop is like florist with no flowers.

While heading back home alone a flower purchasing experience striked me and made me laugh. It’s was one for my colleague wedding and me and my friend had decided to buy some flowers. We got down from an auto near by to JP 2nd phase signal to buy some. In the midst of choosing the flowers I told my friend “wish someone could give me one Gerbara. I’m ok with whatever color they give me.”

She said “don’t worry dear and bough one Gerbara for me”. I was feeling so happy and I took the flower from the florist. My friend started laughing saying “stupid why you took the flower from him”. I was little shocked and didn’t know what to say. Later, I said you had bought it for me right? She said I wanted to give the flowers and instead you took the flower from him as if he is giving it you. I said, oh! Man I was so happy and excited that someone is buying a flower for me and I didn’t realize that I took it from him instead of you. Flowers make you forget everything on this world!! Even the one who is giving it to you.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Stupid act from Ronaldo!!!

Me and my bro were waiting for the 15:30 P.M IST to watch the MANU Vs Manchester city football match. As usual I was waiting to watch the amazing foot work of Mr. Cristiano Ronaldo, which later turned out to be one bad day for him!!!

A goal from Wayne Rooney opened the score, by the time we enjoy this; there was a stupid act from Ronaldo in the second half which made to picked up his second booking in 10 minutes and was sent off with over 20 minutes still left to play.

With the ball flying towards him and he trying to protect his face, what a stupid act!!! A footballer trying to protect his face by holding his hands. Huh!!!
That what Sir Alex has to say” I've watched it again and he's trying to protect the ball hitting his face," Bcoz of this Ronaldo won’t be there for next three matches... :(

Miss U

The Celestial Moon

After having a hectic day @ office, I was heading back to board the cab with lot of confusions in my mind. After signing out, me and my friend saw a pretty smiling face, which we don’t get to see very day. I’m not saying about any handsome guy but about the moon.
The smiley moon!!!

Every once in a while, something will appear in the night sky that will attract the attention of even those who normally don't bother looking up. Yeah, The Celestial moon which I got to know later got everyone’s attention. :)

Every radio channel was talking about the Smiley moon saying what you feel looking at the moon!!! Do you see someone face?? And later the Nehru Planetarium flashed news saying “this event would next occur in the year 2012”.

Celestial Smile was caused by the brightest planet in the sky, Venus, had a close encounter with the second brightest planet, Jupiter, as viewed from Earth. Joining in on the tight Venus-Jupiter formation was the gibbous moon. It’s like all big shot have come together. Venus – The brightest, Jupiter – The largest and Moon- The earth’s only natural satellite.

When I reached home I went and told my bro about this. He went out to watch that but turned to unlucky as it was covered by clouds.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Life partner's most important part of life..

When I really think what kind of life partner I may get , I really get tensed. Sometimes its better not to think about that.Nothing actually is there in our hand. Our parents decide looking at his family, his edu, his position, his character and Bla bla bla. At times, We girls decide by actaully on his looks. ..very dumb na. hey! looks are also important to certain extent but not of higher priority inturn and then conside the his family, his edu, his position. All this criteria is met, then meet him, talk to him and then decide. What if he behaves very nice to you at that time. Later he mite show the true colour. GOD only knows what is his true colour!!!

At times, lucky are those who fall in love, know each other better and then Marry. Unlucky me, whom couldn't find one. :) I feel always it's better to marry the one who loves you, not the one whom you love.

I was discussing all this to one of my friend who gave me some tips to choose a Guy.

1. Make sure he is not very much money minded..By the way im not a minting machine
2. Make sure he doesnt have any recent break ups: bcoz guys tended to hook on to someone in stop gap and if the first one return they go back be very careful about this
3. Make sure he has atleast some goals in life and also encourages you to achive yours..very imp
4. Most important make sure tat he is close to his family cause one who respects his family will also respect ur family!
5. Make sure that he should not be too much beauty conscious bcoz we arent models!!

I'm not saying for guys it very easy to decide from their end even it has it's own pros and cons. So,It's better not to think emotionally while deciding but to be very practical help to make a fair and good decision.

Good luck.. :)

Monday, September 29, 2008

A dramatic Sunday in the F1 history

I was eagerly waiting fo this race as this was the first race to be held at night in FORMULA 1™ history. And top of it, The Singapore Grand Prix was on public roads around the Marina Bay area. The circuit was awesome one and powerful lighting systems was replicating the daylight conditions.

Even though Ferrari's Felipe Massa won the pole Saturday for the inaugural Singapore Grand Prix, I had a hope that My favourite Hamilton will win the race as he had secured a good spot on the front row.

Me and my bro were eagerly watching the race. I was telling him that i think Massa is in really good position to win. Let's who will make it this time. (Crossing my fingers and cheering for Hamilton).

Very next moment a dramatic n disaster thing happened to the pole position winner Massa. He was given the green light too early and left with the fuel hose still attached to his car.Massa was forced to wait at the end of the pit lane for his mechanics to run down
and wrestle the hose off, but he then received a drive-through penalty for being unsafely released from the stop.The blunder undoubtedly costed him the race :( . Even though it was my rival team i felt bad for Massa. Someone should not lose the race in this fashion. Later still worst disaster stuck the Ferrari team when Kimi went off into the wall at Turn with less than four laps to go.

But inturn happy when Hamilton placed in a happy third. Happy because its was all that he needed to achieve points ahead of Massa in championship points.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Rocking weekend continued....

On saturday I had been to River rafting n crossing and sunday to Mekedattu. Both places were just awesome. Rafting was like life time experience for me and for all of us. It’s was just breath taking. I made some wonderful friends there. One among them is Shru. Actually I was searching for someone to go for rafting. At that time, Shru pinged me and ask want to join us for rafting this saturday. I said "I'm dying to go there". Through her I made some really good friends. What do I say about her?? A good friend of many. Always in excited state n easily jell with all. You made my weekend an awesome one. :) Thnkx Shru!!!!

Now the let me tell you about the Sangama and Mekedattu. This place is very close to b’lore but we had never planned to go there. It’s our organizer Mr. Giddi who had decided on Sunday morning. We got ready for weekend drive to Mekedattu in Tripsy’s car. It was a pretty hot day even though it’s raining heavily these days. Tripsy was the one person who knew driving. You know he drives like Hamilton (I’m not kidding…) and his coach is Sandy. I had seen him in Giddi’s trekking snaps. He is kind of very cool guy. As we girls me and my sis were there, he was pretty formaly dressed up. Otherwise on trips he always wear shots, sleeveless shirts n Sunglasses. Very cool huh!!!

We enjoyed our drive to Sangama. Tripsy was commenting very nicely on the passers-by. Hogappa hogappa hogibedapa… :) Listening to his comments we three were literally laughing.
We started around 10.30 A.M. we had a 4 pit stops. Reached Sangama @ 1.30. By the time we reached there, we all felling hungry. Giddi had already told us that there is a nice hotel there where we can have good food. We had a light food there. After that we got all geared up to play in the water.

Full and content, we decided to hit the river and it was nice fun to play in the water. Current in the water was more. View from the riverside was just awesome. Sangama is actually where River Kaveri and Arkavathy meets. It was just pushing us. Me, Giddi and Smi found some big stone so, that we can sit nicely and enjoy. We have to cross Sangama and go around 4 to 5kms to down stream to reach to reach mekedattu. We played in Sangama for sometime as it was very cloudy by 4.00. We all got up and saw a bus going towards Mekedattu. Till then we had not decided to go there. Bus conductor was saying “ Mekedattu Mekedattu” Banni sir.. :)Giddi asked “ Shall we go?” Sandy said come we vl go and he ran and boarded the bus. Ride was a quite bumpy. Bus was also was a special one.

At Mekedattu the river goes through a stretch of uneven rock formations causing the water to gush through at incredible speeds. The view was just wonderful. We got down from the bus and started walking . We have to walk over huge rocks to reach the Mekedattu view point.The rocks were quite hot but fun to walk over that. Rocks were liked well chipped, like human made so, that it was quite easier to walk. I told Giddi, if we have not come then we wud have missed a lot. Thnkx to Sandy and Giddi :).

Getting back was fun too. We started our drive back @ 7.30. Giddi launched into an impromptu singing session which wnet on for more than a hour !! All in all, a great fun trip ! :D We started our drive back @ 7.00 and reached around 10.30. My weekend was just awesome...:) A good place to spend time with friends, although there is nothing much to explore except the rocks.

I dint even expect that to continue for next week. It happened that Shru pinged me and asked shall we go for ROCK ON!! movie. When someone asks me shall we go out....?? (That too with the gang I love to hang out)?? I can't resist myself saying YES...Finally, we decided vl go for 7.00 show.

We reached there by 6.45 P.M. I was telling Pari that in weekdays there won't be any crowd. Pari dint agree with that. We started discussing about the river rafting and dint even realised that the auto driver has taken some long route. When we reached there, I could see many crazy people like us.

Mur n' Muth cudn't understand hindi but even then they had come :). Atleast Muth was trying understand the context of the conversation but Mur was in his own world. Me & Shru we literally feeling like dancing listening to the rocking music. Don't knw about Abhi and Pari. :) Even they mite have felt the same. Music of the movie is rocking. It’s just one kinda of Hollywood movie. I felt it’s been ages that I watched a bollywood movie like this. :)

A Rocking movie can make a rocking day!!!

"The Ppl who watch then feel they are a very happy family but when you enter in their life you come to know that there are so many ups and downs in their life. And the happiness that should be there between couples"....~Farhan Aktar

Rock On!!

Friday, August 29, 2008

Listening to Radio........

I got up the morning in quite a good mood as its was friday ..Got ready and reached the Stop.Cab was waiting ..boarded the cab..asusal late. My cab driver was playing sme stupid song..and evn we dint bother to tell him to change as we are were there in sleepy mood. After reaching office i dint had any mood to work..Don't know why i was feeling so? So, just to kill the time i started listening to radio..All the FM channels were busy playing add's..after changing the channel for 5th time ..I got a channel playing some nice song.
Playing: Antu entu preeti bantu modala sala..modallla sala
This song is sung by a playback singer from bollywood..I don't knw the movie name (So, didn't bother to mention..ha ha ah)

Now a days I feel all the RJ's scream like anything on radio..more than playing our request, talking about the music and about the playback singers they do a lot of gossip and prank shows. I always used to listen to radiocity that to especially Vasanti Hariprakash..She used to make my days..If you are not in good mood ..just listen to Vasanti. She used to choose nice topics for discussions in her show. Its was a kind of very educative and entertaining show.

Few months back it happened so that, I was in my room reading some novel. All of a sudden i heard her voice. I asked my Bro what are you watching??He said NDTV..I just came running. It was Vasanti as i guessed. She has joined as reporter to NDTV for Bangalore. Great Huh!!!
Playing: Bachana yeh Hasino..

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Change ur life ...revisit

Probably no other complaint is voiced more often than not having enough time …. Same thing even I used to say “I don’t have time to pursue my dreams or to even know what my dreams are. I don’t have time for me, for my family and friends. I don't have time to post in my blog. Basically, I don’t have time to live my life.”
If someone ask me hey!!howz life going ? The moment they ask me that I used to start cribbing. Work is too hectic. I don’t have time for anything.

One day in morning, I was thinking about this and decided it’s upon me to how I manage my time and plan my work.

Passion is the ultimate time management tool for two reasons.
First, when I am doing what I love to do, who cares about time? When I am with someone special or listening to a great piece of music, or painting or volunteering, doesn’t time just fly by? Second, when you are doing what you love it often gets done faster. The way we spend our time is the way we spend our lives. Can you slow down enough to get “in synch” with life, nature, and most importantly, yourself? Tune in to your rhythm and natural pulse.

I decided to take off my watch and give myself a day off. Eat when I'm hungry and sleep when I'm tired so that I can discover who I am, what I need and what works best for me. Make a date with myself, every day if possible. Even if for only a half hour, carving out time for me is a great act of generosity.

Whether we like it or not, the clock keeps ticking so live fully, every single second of every single day. Learn the true joy of doing less and having more as you experience each day as priceless. Fill your life with as many precious moments and experiences of joy and passion as you humanly can. When you “catch yourself in the act” of doing something that doesn’t serve you, you can choose to change it and when it’s a repeating pattern, you can literally change your life.

'Live Life on your own terms" and enjoy every moment of it.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Independence day and my memories related ..

"Long years ago we made a tryst with destiny, and now the time comes when we will redeem our pledge, not wholly or in full measure, but very substantially. At the stroke of the midnight hour, when the world sleeps, India will awake to life and freedom. A moment comes, which comes but rarely in history, when we step out from the old to the new, when an age ends and when the soul of a nation, long suppressed, finds utterance.... We end today a period of ill fortune, and India discovers herself again."
- Jawaharlal Nehru (Speech on Indian Independence Day, 1947)

The Independence Day of any country is a moment of . On this special occasion, we pay our tributes are paid to the freedom fighters who sacrificed their lives and fought to free their motherland from the clutches - British.

We Indians will be cribing all the time about smething or other ... saying our India will never improve n vl remain same; but when its August n January time, vl all be become patriotic (saying this I didn't mean to say we are not patriotic what i meant was we vl become more patritioc...) Patriotic movies will be released this time of the year..All the channels will be playing patriotic songs..and movies.
I have a some wonderful memories of my Grandma and Grandpa's associated with Independence day. My grandpa is a freedom fighter. He had been to jail during the Quit India freedom movement.

Everyone says that he was a very disciplined man.. he was actually a doctor by profession..he used to go in bicycle and treat the ppl in the surrounding villages itseems. My grandppa had got wonderful photos of the Gandhi, Nehru, Tagore and many more snaps of freedom fighters. Sometime i vl plan to take the photo out of the old frame and scan it and upload here. On Independence day, my grandma used to do pooja to Gandhi and Nehru photo and used to make sweet and hoist a small flag in our garden . These are some wonderful memories of my life..I really admire him and we all miss him a lot..I wish my Grandppa was there to read this.. :(
Freedom means so much to all individuals. I am very thankful to all our freedom fighters who fought for our independence. We should be glad to be born in country like India. I wish all of you a happy Independence day!!Make use of your freedom to improve the country one way or the other.
Jai Hind~$insi

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Little things in life...

Today morning my journery started to OFFICE @ 7.48. Our Mclaren driver(my cab driver) had cme early and was waiting for me.

When i saw the cab..i started running and boarded the cab; evn thn no expresssions on his face(no anger in particular)...and he started driving ...as usual rrrrrrrrrrrrrash driving.

I was just thinking our driver should be given a oppurtunity to join the F1 teams n let him try his luck. The way he drivers n b'lore roads is incredible. I midst of this thoughts.. i didn't even realised that we had reached langford road...and there was a jam..

and there were few kids who were dressed in nicely pressed uniforms ,had crossed half the way and stuck in between. They were are holding hands and trying to cross the road...but the due to heavy traffic no one bothered to stop and let them cross the road. Our Mc laren driver stopped.......... waved his hand told them to cross. A smile stuck on the kids face..and they crossed the road. :) Incredible cab Driver.. ;0)

Few days back, i was in similar situation. As there was no traffic signal, nobody bother to stop.
One guy stopped his Audi (SUV)Q5 or Q7 ; honked and asked me to cross..I was stunned for a minute looking at the car.......I was like wow man!!! I smiled at him and happily crossed the road. Incredible Audi stranger.

That's why ppl say:
Little words can soothe big troubles;

Little hugs can dry big tears;
Little candles light the darkness ;
Little memories last for years..

It's the little things in life...That brings the greatest happiness. I just enjoy those wonderful moments.

Grandpa holding Gramma hand(huh!! how romantic) ; A father holding his lovely daugther's hand; girl holding her younger sister's hand; A mother holding her kids hand while cross the roads. Even our humpy bumpy ~~~~~_____~~~roads help ppl to realise that' somebody is there with us in all th up's and down's of our life.

It's about how we recognise the little things in life, or appreciate the little things in life.

"Live Life On ur Own Terms"

Saturday, August 9, 2008

There's always Someone else....

I was just watching the most awaited inaugural Beijing Olympic 2008 ceremony..it was really mesmirising..

When people talk about Population,China is always in the discussion, but Friday's opening ceremony to the Beijing Olympics proved not only that the most populous nation is hosting the biggest Games ever, it looks like it has signed up the entire country to present it.
But today China has made 8th August 2008(08/08/08), a day which the whole world will remember..Even it made ppl easier to remember by choosing amazing date!!!

I heard that there were around 15,000 performers in the ceremony,who left the whole worl awestruck! It was a spectacular display of high-tech and human tech and you see China's 639 athletes, more than any other country, and this much is undeniable: China's Games are under way big-time, the biggest nation, the biggest Olympics.

When i got to know the Beijing theme: "There's always Someone else..." i was just wondering what mite be there in their minds when they finalised this theme.

Do they want to say the A........'s that there is someone else who is better than them in everthing.. :)

Now let me start my real blogging.. :)

In this world, there are millions of people whose heart is broken by one or the other person.. :(
We say we should move on man..it's a part of your life.
You guys mite have seen the Titan Fast-track watch ads, where the girl and guy give back there gifts and save " Move on man"..It mite seem very cool to say that but difficult to bear that loneliness..

Person whom you thought is ur world n is no more with you..it's quite difficult to imagine.

I had a couple of friends in my school& college, whom i though will be there with be always. During those days, I was so dumb that i never used to think practically..I used to think life going to be very easy as it is now. One of my friend used to say hey Stupid! think pratically.,Life is not a fairyland as you think. Now i really catch what his words actually meant.

In life, we meet and we depart, we love and we hate; and there are few people with whom we cherish our realtionship..It's difficult to accept when ur loved one's depart..
It's really difficult for anyone to comeout that shock..but evetually everyone can..
Time is the cure for everything.. :) That's what i Sis says n even i believe in that..

Thinking whatever happens is for the good and saying There's always Someone else....(better than the previous one) and just keep ur eyes wide open...that person mite be infront of you...

Hope you all find your True love which vl last long....:)

"Jai Mataji Rocks"

Thought of bloggingggg

One day all of sudden thot stuck my mind why not i try writing the blog..then i took the laptop signed in and created one blog with the above name.."life's full of twist and turns".

I love doing exicitng things..writing a blog for me is one exicting thing..is it exicting??

I'm kind of fun loving girl and very moody at times..my passion changes very very oftenly.. I always dreamt of writing poems but u know i'm not so philosophical..I'm really very bad in expressing things. ..I feel this is one way where i can write and express the things...so, ended up creating this blog.

I vl be blogging about my experience in Life nd especially twist n turns and up's n down's
------_______ ;o)

Me a kind of Tom boy who wishes to live a boy's life, doing all stupid and exciting things..who feels ZARA HATKE in my own ways..( but donno whether really am I) bt @ times I feel being born as a "Girl" is a boon...really I feel all you girls on this world you are really beautiful, cute and Wonderful @ HEART in ur own ways.

keep watching this space for more .. :)

I'vl be blogging all the things in which i'm very passionate..
My experiences, Sports, fashion, guys, TV shows, RJ's, shopping, stocks,food, movies, travelling n living and many more things.

I used to watch a tv reality show when a contestant used to say "Jai Mataji Rocks"...I simply love that line man.
So, stealing that line from that guy and will be making it as "My Caption".

"Jai Mataji Rocks"
~ $insi