Tuesday, June 21, 2011

What a Quote!!

I love to update the custom message in IM. Never thought one message could bring so much love and smile.

" It is strongly believed that a woman is capable of bringing a change! Let's make an effort today! Today, whenever you lose your temper just smile, ignore and carry on! Let's find out if smiling is really as easy as it is said to be..." 

After updating the message; many of my friends pinged me and told me nice message but hard to follow it. I said I know its hard to follow; but let’s try and spread more smile, love and solve more fights.

Small incident which happened after reading above quote:
My friend and her hubby had a small fight and all of a sudden she remembered above quote and just smiled.. and looking at her; her husband also started smiling…. See the power of a smile and Woman!! Great going Satya :)

Hope to use this weapon when I'm angry ... :)

Smiley; )