Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Rocking weekend continued....

On saturday I had been to River rafting n crossing and sunday to Mekedattu. Both places were just awesome. Rafting was like life time experience for me and for all of us. It’s was just breath taking. I made some wonderful friends there. One among them is Shru. Actually I was searching for someone to go for rafting. At that time, Shru pinged me and ask want to join us for rafting this saturday. I said "I'm dying to go there". Through her I made some really good friends. What do I say about her?? A good friend of many. Always in excited state n easily jell with all. You made my weekend an awesome one. :) Thnkx Shru!!!!

Now the let me tell you about the Sangama and Mekedattu. This place is very close to b’lore but we had never planned to go there. It’s our organizer Mr. Giddi who had decided on Sunday morning. We got ready for weekend drive to Mekedattu in Tripsy’s car. It was a pretty hot day even though it’s raining heavily these days. Tripsy was the one person who knew driving. You know he drives like Hamilton (I’m not kidding…) and his coach is Sandy. I had seen him in Giddi’s trekking snaps. He is kind of very cool guy. As we girls me and my sis were there, he was pretty formaly dressed up. Otherwise on trips he always wear shots, sleeveless shirts n Sunglasses. Very cool huh!!!

We enjoyed our drive to Sangama. Tripsy was commenting very nicely on the passers-by. Hogappa hogappa hogibedapa… :) Listening to his comments we three were literally laughing.
We started around 10.30 A.M. we had a 4 pit stops. Reached Sangama @ 1.30. By the time we reached there, we all felling hungry. Giddi had already told us that there is a nice hotel there where we can have good food. We had a light food there. After that we got all geared up to play in the water.

Full and content, we decided to hit the river and it was nice fun to play in the water. Current in the water was more. View from the riverside was just awesome. Sangama is actually where River Kaveri and Arkavathy meets. It was just pushing us. Me, Giddi and Smi found some big stone so, that we can sit nicely and enjoy. We have to cross Sangama and go around 4 to 5kms to down stream to reach to reach mekedattu. We played in Sangama for sometime as it was very cloudy by 4.00. We all got up and saw a bus going towards Mekedattu. Till then we had not decided to go there. Bus conductor was saying “ Mekedattu Mekedattu” Banni sir.. :)Giddi asked “ Shall we go?” Sandy said come we vl go and he ran and boarded the bus. Ride was a quite bumpy. Bus was also was a special one.

At Mekedattu the river goes through a stretch of uneven rock formations causing the water to gush through at incredible speeds. The view was just wonderful. We got down from the bus and started walking . We have to walk over huge rocks to reach the Mekedattu view point.The rocks were quite hot but fun to walk over that. Rocks were liked well chipped, like human made so, that it was quite easier to walk. I told Giddi, if we have not come then we wud have missed a lot. Thnkx to Sandy and Giddi :).

Getting back was fun too. We started our drive back @ 7.30. Giddi launched into an impromptu singing session which wnet on for more than a hour !! All in all, a great fun trip ! :D We started our drive back @ 7.00 and reached around 10.30. My weekend was just awesome...:) A good place to spend time with friends, although there is nothing much to explore except the rocks.

I dint even expect that to continue for next week. It happened that Shru pinged me and asked shall we go for ROCK ON!! movie. When someone asks me shall we go out....?? (That too with the gang I love to hang out)?? I can't resist myself saying YES...Finally, we decided vl go for 7.00 show.

We reached there by 6.45 P.M. I was telling Pari that in weekdays there won't be any crowd. Pari dint agree with that. We started discussing about the river rafting and dint even realised that the auto driver has taken some long route. When we reached there, I could see many crazy people like us.

Mur n' Muth cudn't understand hindi but even then they had come :). Atleast Muth was trying understand the context of the conversation but Mur was in his own world. Me & Shru we literally feeling like dancing listening to the rocking music. Don't knw about Abhi and Pari. :) Even they mite have felt the same. Music of the movie is rocking. It’s just one kinda of Hollywood movie. I felt it’s been ages that I watched a bollywood movie like this. :)

A Rocking movie can make a rocking day!!!

"The Ppl who watch then feel they are a very happy family but when you enter in their life you come to know that there are so many ups and downs in their life. And the happiness that should be there between couples"....~Farhan Aktar

Rock On!!