Friday, February 27, 2009

My Expectations!!!

Yesterday, I got an email from my DL subject "My Expectations". I went through that mail and said OK. Today morning my friend reminded me of that mail and said "life poorti bereyaro expectations meet madode aitu". When we will try to fulfill our expectations??

All my life in every relationship that I choose out of my own free will or out of compulsion, the underlying principle has been expectations.

Parents expect you to do well in life, nothing wrong....but they expect.
Teachers expect you to do well in studies, nothing wrong....but they expect.
Boss expects you to perform and *exceed expectations*. This really sucks!!

I find nothing wrong in expectations, but I can never understand or relate myself with the hurt that other people feel when someone else does not meet their expectations. At times, when I am hurt, I tell myself * Kiddo, take care*. I don't wait anyone else to come and comfort me, I do it myself first.

Expectation for me are like a stone placed on a butterfly....not necessarily heavy one...but then butterfly is not meant to be under stone, likewise I find it terribly wrong of people to expect something, anything from others

The only one who by all the moral, social and economical principles is justify to expect anything from me is myself. I am comfortable and at peace with this, anything else makes my heart cringe, my body shiver and my mind crazy.

Your life is first and foremost yours. Let the greatest love of your life be self-love. The only way expectations are healthy when you do that yourself.Again here I am not advising to consciously hurt anyone, I just wish to emphasis that one should take very good care of themselves first.

Derive your life purpose from the things that will make you happy.
Derive your happiness from the things that you are at peace with.
Do things, take risk, be a fool.
Do not loose out or do things because somebody expects something from you.
Never blame yourself for other people's hurt.

And never ever you allow butterfly to get crushed :)