Thursday, July 19, 2012

Favourite Quote

An Uninvited Guest!!

I thought of getting some fresh air after a hard day at work.  There is lot of greenry around my apartment. I was on phone with my hubby and saw an uninvited guest. Yes, an uninvited guest. I was happy seeing this guest. He was happily sitting on the grass and eating his evening snack. 

I wanted to go sit next to him and hold him in my hands. Later, I thought let me call my neighbour's daughter Neha because she likes seeing him. I went and called her.When I told her that her friend she was so happy; she came running to see him. Along with her came other 3 friends. We all went to see him; he was still there eating his food. 

Neha went very close to him; he started hopping. Hop Hop hop!! She shouted Bunny stay don't run. Bunny bunny bunny !! and our uninvited guest ran away. Kids were so happy seeing him.. Thanks bunny :)