Friday, March 5, 2010

Today morning I was very happy to try out my new perfume. After sticking to Escada, I haven't changed the brand. This made me to remember on of the incident which happened during my college days.

We were 4 of us; always used to sit in the same bench never used to change our places not even the sequence.

It so happened that someone in the class had put a perfume and it was so, strong that my nose was little itchy

(I remember even today; it was not mild but pretty strong one).

I didn't know it's was my friend who has put that perfume. I started commenting badly on that saying it smells like a M's perfume. How can someone put such a strong one to class.

After the class was over she tapped on my shoulder and said it was me who has put that perfume.
I didn't know how to react. Later, I told her it does really not smell good :)

Finally learnt something, ask your friends if they have put that bad smelling perfume. If not; ask them to smell and also join in the conversation.