Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Popcorn popping out

It was 9.00 P.M and i was feeling hungry (just 30 min after i started my study). Having a menu in my mind, i walked out of my room. My Mom asked, Are you feeling hungry? Shall i make Chapatis for you? I said no. Actually something else was there on my mind. Direclty went into the kitchen; search for the the packet and poured into the bowl and turned on the gas.

They started popping!!! I had added a little extra butter, as it was the classic salted flavour. Poured into a bowl. I put some into my mouth; butter busted out of it..Enjoyed my extra butter popcorn along with my bro n parents and came to by room ...not to sleep but to continue my studies (which i hardly do)!!!!

♥ Luv PopCorn♥

Fully reloaded!!

I had a wonderful day at work; as i happen to revamp my blog with new template n gadgets!!I wanted the blog to reflect me in it and had the plan of revamping it long back..Finally the day had come and i did it!!!

As and when i was updating i was pinging my friends and asking them to check it. Frankly speaking, I really got some wonderful comments ..If you happen to vist my blog leave behind a comment ( good , or bad)..Just don't run away after seeing r reading the post!!!

Wink Wink!!