Thursday, November 10, 2011

Shopping for the D day!

It's every girl's dream. Dream to look good on her D day ; to look good infront for her Man. My D-day is slowly approaching. I keep updating my shopping list, list is growing as the D day is nearing and wardrobe is getting over-flooded. My mom and sister are making spaces to keep my newly shopped stuffs. 

I'm loving it :). 
My shopping, dreaming, the hunt for right things, confusion while choosing, looking again and again into pending list, looking into the remainder pad in office. I'm loving every moment :)

In Shopping spree..

Today is special!!

Today is very special day for me.

I'm so happy and feeling like being so much loved and pampered. More than worldly pleasure, few words from our loved one's and their care bring in so much of happiness in life. Their caring and sharing mean so much to us. Gaining someone's love and hearing those wonderful words is just incredible feeling. 
All that love has made me so happy ..Happy to hear that one word after such a long time.

Happy Happy Happy :)

My Sweet heart ... My nephew..

Yes, he is my little sweet heart..  I just wait to see him after my day's work. Even today I remember that moment when we all saw him for the first time; his big eyes seeing this wonderful world and seeing his Dad and grandparents.. He was actually moving his hand towards his Dad's face as if he is trying to touch him..

He has brought in so much love and so much of happiness. If he is silent for a minute , everyone will be worried why he's silent and not smiling. If you just go and stand next to him and smile at him.. he will recognize us and start smiling as if he is feeling shy :)

love him  love his lovely smile :) Awaiting to go home and hug him :)

Love you, my sweet heart :) 

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Things that I havent done from days

I haven't watched a movie from long time.. 
I have not tasted chocolates from so many months... :( I can't even remember when I ate my last fruit n nut..
I haven't go the remote to watch my favoutire shows in Nat Geo.. :)
I haven't even updated the songs in my iPod :) ..
I have not even updated by blog
I have not pampered myself from such a long time..
Missed going long drives during rainy season
Missing good morning mail from my friend... In turn, I’m sending the mail to him :)
I haven’t eaten panipuri from so many days
It’s been so many months that I have not been to a outing.. Missed going for the outing during rainy season with my friends..
Want start doing all these things which bring in so much fun and love in life... :)


Friday, June 24, 2011

Lovely puppy :)

I had started little early to office so, that I can unwind and walk to my cab stop watching things around me. Then I saw him so happy and coming back from his walking; he was jumping and coming towards me.. I was so happy to hold him in my hands :)

Now you don't start wondering who it is? It's pug dog which is in next lane. It's so cute and lovely. Little boy who had taken him for a walk was so happy. Now, I understand how come that boy agreed to get up early to get milk :). 


Tuesday, June 21, 2011

What a Quote!!

I love to update the custom message in IM. Never thought one message could bring so much love and smile.

" It is strongly believed that a woman is capable of bringing a change! Let's make an effort today! Today, whenever you lose your temper just smile, ignore and carry on! Let's find out if smiling is really as easy as it is said to be..." 

After updating the message; many of my friends pinged me and told me nice message but hard to follow it. I said I know its hard to follow; but let’s try and spread more smile, love and solve more fights.

Small incident which happened after reading above quote:
My friend and her hubby had a small fight and all of a sudden she remembered above quote and just smiled.. and looking at her; her husband also started smiling…. See the power of a smile and Woman!! Great going Satya :)

Hope to use this weapon when I'm angry ... :)

Smiley; )

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Hurray!! Stylist Blogger Award

I have got my first blog award and I'm so so happy and speechless.. thanks to my dear friend Rammu for giving this award :). Ramya's-chitrana

Also, I'm badly in soup as I have to reveal 7 facts about me .. Here's the list :

1. I'm one big time marketing person.. If I like some pastry, chocolate, eyeliner or apparels of some brands I endorse it for free..
 2. Weep a lot while watching movies and even the Ekta kapoor serials and laugh very next moment; which seems crazy to some :)

3. I was so talkative in school that they made me and my friends to stand on bench.. After that punishment, I improved by talking even more...

4. I was scolded by one of our old professor in college, as I was talking while making notes; that Buda cud see me even when I was sitting in 3rd bench..then on decided to sit in first bench :) and do all that talking :)

5. While doing the combined study with my friend more than studying we used to talk in late nights and talk about weird ideas. One funniest among that was; why can't ppl have network towers on their head so, that there cud be connectivity everywhere.

6. I was always caught by my professors while bunking classes.

 7. I have great love towards cartoon stickers, bags, earings, list goes on....

 Now, this award has brought back the spirit of writing and making a wonderfull dairy of my lovely moments in life.


Thursday, April 28, 2011

Who blocked my way!!

I was already late and was rushing to reach cab stop . On the way, I was digging my bag to find cell phone and looked ahead there was someone blocking my way. I have never ever seen it so closer as it used to run away whenever I wanted to have a closer look.
Today it was standing just feet ahead of me and was not even moving. I just stopped to have a closer look at it; it ran away... J  It might be thinking; Thank God I saved my life from this stupid Human :)


Friday, April 22, 2011


I’m in office with nothing to work on. Can you believe we don't have a holiday on this beautiful, wonderful Good Friday; which we cud have turned into a wonderful longgggg Weekend.  I'm just finding ways to kill the time as there is no one to talk :( Reading blogs, FB, n music)

Now I'm dreaming of going on long drive as the weather is just awesome.

Listening to : Mora Piya ...Raajneeti


Wednesday, April 20, 2011

What a day!!

On my b'day there were some unexpected things happening around. My close friends forgot to wish me. I forgot to get sweets to office and I was in no mood to celebrate. I had got a mail from birthday mailer exactly @ 12.00 but didn’t know who had sent it.

Just to pull my leg my close friend had not wished me. He called me in afternoon and said is it your birthday today. I cud almost feel the reddish hot in my ears n nose. I said yeah it’s my b’day. He wished me and sent a video which he had made for my b’day. After watching that video all my anger was gone. Video was just awesome. Later, I got to know that mail was from him.  J

Other close friend had sent me flowers, which left undelivered to me as my cell phone was switched off.  
What a day!!


Monday, April 18, 2011

Randow Thoughts !!!

Thought I'm in office ... I feeling like as If I'm sitting along the sharvathi river backwaters; feeling the cold breeze and enjoying the sunset. So, many thoughts running around. Feeling like I need a holiday again... dreaming of Parasailing or just sitting and watching the birds around the paddy field.

Thinking of how a year has passed and how things around me have changed? I'm getting a year older day after tomorrow. So, many things have changed but I feel I'm still the same. Thought, I have learnt from by experiences I'm still believe I'm not grow up so much :) still feel like out of college :D

Now the thoughts are like what gift I'm going to buy for this b'day. There is a huge list wish someone cud buy some in the list he he he :). I know I'm shopaholic. Shopping make me feel good!! this is me n ‘will never ever change no matter how old I will become :)


Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Awaiting for the Rainy season...!

During my last holiday time, we were making so many plans for the rainy season. Any place we used to decide, best time to visit was rainy season.

Now, I'm just awaiting for the rainy season to go for the monsoon drive, to enjoy the smell of mud, to get drenched, enjoy greenry, to eat hot hot chilli bhajji's, hot pani puri.. yummy :)