Friday, October 24, 2008

Life partner's most important part of life..

When I really think what kind of life partner I may get , I really get tensed. Sometimes its better not to think about that.Nothing actually is there in our hand. Our parents decide looking at his family, his edu, his position, his character and Bla bla bla. At times, We girls decide by actaully on his looks. ..very dumb na. hey! looks are also important to certain extent but not of higher priority inturn and then conside the his family, his edu, his position. All this criteria is met, then meet him, talk to him and then decide. What if he behaves very nice to you at that time. Later he mite show the true colour. GOD only knows what is his true colour!!!

At times, lucky are those who fall in love, know each other better and then Marry. Unlucky me, whom couldn't find one. :) I feel always it's better to marry the one who loves you, not the one whom you love.

I was discussing all this to one of my friend who gave me some tips to choose a Guy.

1. Make sure he is not very much money minded..By the way im not a minting machine
2. Make sure he doesnt have any recent break ups: bcoz guys tended to hook on to someone in stop gap and if the first one return they go back be very careful about this
3. Make sure he has atleast some goals in life and also encourages you to achive yours..very imp
4. Most important make sure tat he is close to his family cause one who respects his family will also respect ur family!
5. Make sure that he should not be too much beauty conscious bcoz we arent models!!

I'm not saying for guys it very easy to decide from their end even it has it's own pros and cons. So,It's better not to think emotionally while deciding but to be very practical help to make a fair and good decision.

Good luck.. :)