Thursday, February 11, 2010

My first task as a designer..........

My week started with such a boring note after my exams. I fought with too many people.
Monday: I fought with the bus conductor for not giving the stop in the right place.
Tuesday: fought with my brother.
Wednesday: With my cab driver as i missed my cab.

After reaching office, I really had no mood to work I was frustrated and worried what’s in store for next coming days of the week. I was disturbing my friends badly by pining in IM and by cribbing that I don't have mood to do anything.. Feeling damn same old lines he he he

Later in the afternoon pinged my friend and told her the same thing again.. I mean third time in an row.. he he eh. She told me I will give you one task to show ur creativity. I said ok without even thinking anything.

Later she shared me her credentials and said you do whatever you want with my blog. I was really so happy thinking that finally someone hired me as a designer.

After saying yes, I was just thinking which template to choose, which color..Too many thoughts were running in my mind. I had around 15 themes downloaded few days back, tried uploading many but not even one met my requirements.

Finally I got a theme “Momochi” which brown in color and my friend's favorite color too.. Hurray!! Since I dint had that theme I tired downloading but the site was blocked. :( So, logged into gmail and pinged one of my friend to download and asked her to send it across. Meanwhile i was trying to search for same theme in a different site. Finally found the same theme and downloaded. Yippee!!!!!!!!!!

Uploaded the theme and added few wonderful gadget and revamping of her blog was done. My first assignment as a designer was completed and butterflies were flying in my stomach as I was waiting for the response from her.

Just check her response over here : ramya-chitrana
Dear, thanks so much for hiring me as ur designer and making one of my wish come true but now my worry is that i have to maintain this blog too...