Monday, December 14, 2009

Girls aren't just barbie dolls!!!!

Yesterday, I was watching a movie “Miss Congeniality 2: Armed & Fabulous”. My favorite Sandra was as usual looking fabulous in the movie as the title says it all.

Movie is all about the girl Gracie Hart (USA beauty pageant- Miss Congeniality Winner) acted by Sandra who’s assigned to promote the FBI, touring with the brutal agent Sam Fuller as her bodyguard. While traveling around the country, her friend and Miss USA is kidnapped with Stan Fields, and Gracie decides to investigate the abduction in Las Vegas by her own and against the direct orders of local chief Collins.

I just love to see her; when she gets dressed in formals; typical FBI agent look along with Fuller who’s full time in formal whose aim is to be in FBI.

Quote I love from the movie:
[Gracie in Priscilla's classroom so Priscilla can read book report on Gracie]
Gracie Hart: Priscilla, [stutters]
Gracie Hart: what do, what do we want?
Priscilla: World Peace. [smiles]
Gracie Hart: [Nods and smiles] World peace. And... the strength to hold fast to your beliefs... while society's forcing you to conform to some barbie doll image, know what I'm saying? [Says to boy at table next to her who gives her a look like he thinks she's crazy]
Gracie Hart: [Stutters] You don't, you don't know what I'm saying? Ok, well... it's, it's mostly, um... [looks at Priscilla]
Gracie Hart: it's mostly world peace. [smiles at Priscilla]
Priscilla: [Smiles at Gracie] Snorts [snort sounds like Gracie when she laughs]
Priscilla: [then large grin]
[Gracie winks at Priscilla]