Thursday, November 10, 2011

Shopping for the D day!

It's every girl's dream. Dream to look good on her D day ; to look good infront for her Man. My D-day is slowly approaching. I keep updating my shopping list, list is growing as the D day is nearing and wardrobe is getting over-flooded. My mom and sister are making spaces to keep my newly shopped stuffs. 

I'm loving it :). 
My shopping, dreaming, the hunt for right things, confusion while choosing, looking again and again into pending list, looking into the remainder pad in office. I'm loving every moment :)

In Shopping spree..

Today is special!!

Today is very special day for me.

I'm so happy and feeling like being so much loved and pampered. More than worldly pleasure, few words from our loved one's and their care bring in so much of happiness in life. Their caring and sharing mean so much to us. Gaining someone's love and hearing those wonderful words is just incredible feeling. 
All that love has made me so happy ..Happy to hear that one word after such a long time.

Happy Happy Happy :)

My Sweet heart ... My nephew..

Yes, he is my little sweet heart..  I just wait to see him after my day's work. Even today I remember that moment when we all saw him for the first time; his big eyes seeing this wonderful world and seeing his Dad and grandparents.. He was actually moving his hand towards his Dad's face as if he is trying to touch him..

He has brought in so much love and so much of happiness. If he is silent for a minute , everyone will be worried why he's silent and not smiling. If you just go and stand next to him and smile at him.. he will recognize us and start smiling as if he is feeling shy :)

love him  love his lovely smile :) Awaiting to go home and hug him :)

Love you, my sweet heart :)