Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Template hunt

It's been a very long time that I started template hunt. I have downloaded more that 50 and tried them all. Of them, few which I liked my friends didn't like. So, hunt went on for months together..Over the weekend I was just browsing and found some new templates.I tried the first one which is Enchanted-Creations and it's really copacetic.

After uploading I pinged one of my friend as asked him to check. He just loved it as the template background is his favourite colour. Finally, found a wonderful template for my blog:)



Today morning I was very happy to try out my new perfume. After sticking to Escada, I haven't changed the brand. This made me to remember on of the incident, which happened during my college days.

We were 4 of us; always used to sit in the same bench never used to change our places not even the sequence. It so happened that someone in the class had put a perfume and it was so, strong that my nose was little itchy. (I remember even today; it was not mild but pretty strong one).

I didn't know it's was my friend who has put that perfume. I started commenting badly on that saying it smells like M's perfume. How someone can put such a strong one to class.

After the class was over she was glowering at me. She tapped on my shoulder and said “dear, I’m the one who has put that badly smelling strong perfume”. I didn't know how to react to her. Later, I told her the perfume is really strong n it’s not good :)

Lemonade that changed my voice...

I always love having the lemonade with lots of ice. Thought my doc has suggested me not to drink anything that is chilled, I can't resist myself after seeing that.  We had been to pizza hut over the weekend and I ordered lemonade along with some garlic bread and pizza. I forgot to specify that I want lemonade without ice and that though was complelty out of my mind.

After looking at the glass my sister glowered at me sister and said you're not going to have that. I told her not to worry nothing will happen. Next day, I had throat infection and my voice had changed.

Listening to that voice my friend's told me that, this voice suited me and it's sweet. I was very shocked listening to this. Few years back, I used to have the throat infection very oftenly but nobody told me about this!!!

Later a thought striked my mind was, are they trying to tell me my voice is not good?? huh :)