Friday, August 29, 2008

Listening to Radio........

I got up the morning in quite a good mood as its was friday ..Got ready and reached the Stop.Cab was waiting ..boarded the cab..asusal late. My cab driver was playing sme stupid song..and evn we dint bother to tell him to change as we are were there in sleepy mood. After reaching office i dint had any mood to work..Don't know why i was feeling so? So, just to kill the time i started listening to radio..All the FM channels were busy playing add's..after changing the channel for 5th time ..I got a channel playing some nice song.
Playing: Antu entu preeti bantu modala sala..modallla sala
This song is sung by a playback singer from bollywood..I don't knw the movie name (So, didn't bother to mention..ha ha ah)

Now a days I feel all the RJ's scream like anything on radio..more than playing our request, talking about the music and about the playback singers they do a lot of gossip and prank shows. I always used to listen to radiocity that to especially Vasanti Hariprakash..She used to make my days..If you are not in good mood ..just listen to Vasanti. She used to choose nice topics for discussions in her show. Its was a kind of very educative and entertaining show.

Few months back it happened so that, I was in my room reading some novel. All of a sudden i heard her voice. I asked my Bro what are you watching??He said NDTV..I just came running. It was Vasanti as i guessed. She has joined as reporter to NDTV for Bangalore. Great Huh!!!
Playing: Bachana yeh Hasino..