Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Hurray!! Stylist Blogger Award

I have got my first blog award and I'm so so happy and speechless.. thanks to my dear friend Rammu for giving this award :). Ramya's-chitrana

Also, I'm badly in soup as I have to reveal 7 facts about me .. Here's the list :

1. I'm one big time marketing person.. If I like some pastry, chocolate, eyeliner or apparels of some brands I endorse it for free..
 2. Weep a lot while watching movies and even the Ekta kapoor serials and laugh very next moment; which seems crazy to some :)

3. I was so talkative in school that they made me and my friends to stand on bench.. After that punishment, I improved by talking even more...

4. I was scolded by one of our old professor in college, as I was talking while making notes; that Buda cud see me even when I was sitting in 3rd bench..then on decided to sit in first bench :) and do all that talking :)

5. While doing the combined study with my friend more than studying we used to talk in late nights and talk about weird ideas. One funniest among that was; why can't ppl have network towers on their head so, that there cud be connectivity everywhere.

6. I was always caught by my professors while bunking classes.

 7. I have great love towards cartoon stickers, bags, earings, list goes on....

 Now, this award has brought back the spirit of writing and making a wonderfull dairy of my lovely moments in life.


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  1. Oh my my wow, template changed and lots of blogging . I am thrilled congrats on your award :) keep them coming!!!