Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Lost and Found my winky..

After a long search, I bought the winky badge and had put in on my bag. Yesterday, after reaching office i checked my winku; it was not there. I though i might have lost it somewhere and felt really bad. I even searched for it @ home but cudn't find it anywhere. Everytime when i used to look at my bag i used to miss my Winku.

When i reached home, I went near the phone table to call someone and found my winku over there and then my Mom told me that from yesterday it's was lying on that table. Happily picked up and put it back on my bag... :)

Wink Wink!!

Life is a PLAY

Life is a PLAY; where each actor gets to play their own role. Some play their role depending on whatz been given to them, some influenced by others, some create their own but modified by others, and some create what they want to play and describe the way they want..

Currently, too many confusion in my mind and these are the thoughts currently running in my mind.