Friday, December 5, 2008

Flower - I love...

It was quite a good at work and since I was in pretty good mood; decided to buy some flowers for myself...”Just to pamper myself”. I love buying it for myself. so, decided to get down near a florist and buy orange/ pink/ yellow Gerbara flower.

I got down near the florist asked him “Do you have Gerbara?” He said “No madam”. Looking at his shop first only I should have realized “this person will not have any flowers”. Being a florist he is not having one of the most beautiful flower on this earth!! Huh!!
Florist without Gerbara in his shop is like florist with no flowers.

While heading back home alone a flower purchasing experience striked me and made me laugh. It’s was one for my colleague wedding and me and my friend had decided to buy some flowers. We got down from an auto near by to JP 2nd phase signal to buy some. In the midst of choosing the flowers I told my friend “wish someone could give me one Gerbara. I’m ok with whatever color they give me.”

She said “don’t worry dear and bough one Gerbara for me”. I was feeling so happy and I took the flower from the florist. My friend started laughing saying “stupid why you took the flower from him”. I was little shocked and didn’t know what to say. Later, I said you had bought it for me right? She said I wanted to give the flowers and instead you took the flower from him as if he is giving it you. I said, oh! Man I was so happy and excited that someone is buying a flower for me and I didn’t realize that I took it from him instead of you. Flowers make you forget everything on this world!! Even the one who is giving it to you.