Saturday, August 9, 2008

There's always Someone else....

I was just watching the most awaited inaugural Beijing Olympic 2008 was really mesmirising..

When people talk about Population,China is always in the discussion, but Friday's opening ceremony to the Beijing Olympics proved not only that the most populous nation is hosting the biggest Games ever, it looks like it has signed up the entire country to present it.
But today China has made 8th August 2008(08/08/08), a day which the whole world will remember..Even it made ppl easier to remember by choosing amazing date!!!

I heard that there were around 15,000 performers in the ceremony,who left the whole worl awestruck! It was a spectacular display of high-tech and human tech and you see China's 639 athletes, more than any other country, and this much is undeniable: China's Games are under way big-time, the biggest nation, the biggest Olympics.

When i got to know the Beijing theme: "There's always Someone else..." i was just wondering what mite be there in their minds when they finalised this theme.

Do they want to say the A........'s that there is someone else who is better than them in everthing.. :)

Now let me start my real blogging.. :)

In this world, there are millions of people whose heart is broken by one or the other person.. :(
We say we should move on's a part of your life.
You guys mite have seen the Titan Fast-track watch ads, where the girl and guy give back there gifts and save " Move on man"..It mite seem very cool to say that but difficult to bear that loneliness..

Person whom you thought is ur world n is no more with's quite difficult to imagine.

I had a couple of friends in my school& college, whom i though will be there with be always. During those days, I was so dumb that i never used to think practically..I used to think life going to be very easy as it is now. One of my friend used to say hey Stupid! think pratically.,Life is not a fairyland as you think. Now i really catch what his words actually meant.

In life, we meet and we depart, we love and we hate; and there are few people with whom we cherish our realtionship..It's difficult to accept when ur loved one's depart..
It's really difficult for anyone to comeout that shock..but evetually everyone can..
Time is the cure for everything.. :) That's what i Sis says n even i believe in that..

Thinking whatever happens is for the good and saying There's always Someone else....(better than the previous one) and just keep ur eyes wide open...that person mite be infront of you...

Hope you all find your True love which vl last long....:)

"Jai Mataji Rocks"

Thought of bloggingggg

One day all of sudden thot stuck my mind why not i try writing the blog..then i took the laptop signed in and created one blog with the above name.."life's full of twist and turns".

I love doing exicitng things..writing a blog for me is one exicting it exicting??

I'm kind of fun loving girl and very moody at passion changes very very oftenly.. I always dreamt of writing poems but u know i'm not so philosophical..I'm really very bad in expressing things. ..I feel this is one way where i can write and express the, ended up creating this blog.

I vl be blogging about my experience in Life nd especially twist n turns and up's n down's
------_______ ;o)

Me a kind of Tom boy who wishes to live a boy's life, doing all stupid and exciting things..who feels ZARA HATKE in my own ways..( but donno whether really am I) bt @ times I feel being born as a "Girl" is a boon...really I feel all you girls on this world you are really beautiful, cute and Wonderful @ HEART in ur own ways.

keep watching this space for more .. :)

I'vl be blogging all the things in which i'm very passionate..
My experiences, Sports, fashion, guys, TV shows, RJ's, shopping, stocks,food, movies, travelling n living and many more things.

I used to watch a tv reality show when a contestant used to say "Jai Mataji Rocks"...I simply love that line man.
So, stealing that line from that guy and will be making it as "My Caption".

"Jai Mataji Rocks"
~ $insi