Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Little things in life...

Today morning my journery started to OFFICE @ 7.48. Our Mclaren driver(my cab driver) had cme early and was waiting for me.

When i saw the cab..i started running and boarded the cab; evn thn no expresssions on his face(no anger in particular)...and he started driving usual rrrrrrrrrrrrrash driving.

I was just thinking our driver should be given a oppurtunity to join the F1 teams n let him try his luck. The way he drivers n b'lore roads is incredible. I midst of this thoughts.. i didn't even realised that we had reached langford road...and there was a jam..

and there were few kids who were dressed in nicely pressed uniforms ,had crossed half the way and stuck in between. They were are holding hands and trying to cross the road...but the due to heavy traffic no one bothered to stop and let them cross the road. Our Mc laren driver stopped.......... waved his hand told them to cross. A smile stuck on the kids face..and they crossed the road. :) Incredible cab Driver.. ;0)

Few days back, i was in similar situation. As there was no traffic signal, nobody bother to stop.
One guy stopped his Audi (SUV)Q5 or Q7 ; honked and asked me to cross..I was stunned for a minute looking at the car.......I was like wow man!!! I smiled at him and happily crossed the road. Incredible Audi stranger.

That's why ppl say:
Little words can soothe big troubles;

Little hugs can dry big tears;
Little candles light the darkness ;
Little memories last for years..

It's the little things in life...That brings the greatest happiness. I just enjoy those wonderful moments.

Grandpa holding Gramma hand(huh!! how romantic) ; A father holding his lovely daugther's hand; girl holding her younger sister's hand; A mother holding her kids hand while cross the roads. Even our humpy bumpy ~~~~~_____~~~roads help ppl to realise that' somebody is there with us in all th up's and down's of our life.

It's about how we recognise the little things in life, or appreciate the little things in life.

"Live Life On ur Own Terms"


  1. Rammu loves you...
    good one

  2. :) Small is beautiful. Right!

    The Audi guy probably lived in some other country (europe for instance) , it is mandatory to stop for the person crossing the road wherever.

    But it is good that he is implementing that in India. Hats off to such people..

    Your can driver! Damn incorrigible.! :(