Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Things that I havent done from days

I haven't watched a movie from long time.. 
I have not tasted chocolates from so many months... :( I can't even remember when I ate my last fruit n nut..
I haven't go the remote to watch my favoutire shows in Nat Geo.. :)
I haven't even updated the songs in my iPod :) ..
I have not even updated by blog
I have not pampered myself from such a long time..
Missed going long drives during rainy season
Missing good morning mail from my friend... In turn, I’m sending the mail to him :)
I haven’t eaten panipuri from so many days
It’s been so many months that I have not been to a outing.. Missed going for the outing during rainy season with my friends..
Want start doing all these things which bring in so much fun and love in life... :)