Monday, February 8, 2010

My plans for this Valentine's Day.......

One of my colleague came to my desk and asked me what are you doing this weekend? I said nothing much just a little bit of shopping. He said, why no big plans?? I asked him what so special about this weekend? He told check the date in calendra then i looked at my calendar, it's was still showing January (As i was on vacation for a week). Oh!! it's Feb 14th - Valentine's day!!

After looking at the date, I said no big plans again but this year I really have to plan something big huhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Make one of my new or my old friend feel special. After all, Valentine's day is all about making ur loved one's feel special.

Thnx to one of my sweetest friend for this idea...


Revealing my long time crush....:)

As valentine's day is around the corner it's high time for me to reveal my big time crush he hehe...I wanted to do this a long time back in my blog but made up my mind to do it now... No one knows other than my sister not even my closest friends.

He is a NDTV editor, rated one of the sexiest man..but only bad thing is he is married.
I used to watch his TV shows from my college days just to see him - never used to blink my  eyes while watching him.

Any wild guesses friends..............

Awaiting for ur guesses!!!