Monday, January 11, 2010


Last weekend one of my cousin had come home. She was telling a garderner had come home so, she got late. Then i remebered my college holidays and how me and Mom used to maintained a wonderful garden @ home(which is no longer there as we constructed a new house). I used to water them, get new plants from my friends house and plant them , waiting for the flower to blossom...

After moving to bangalore, I have not even bought a new plant or done gardening. My actual inspiration for gardening was one of my friend's mom. Once i had seen her doing repotting all by herself for her big garden which i had watched sitting for couples of hours. I really admire her even today and wish to maintain a garden like her. I hope to own a big garden space in future and do gardening all by myself..

Meanwhile,  I have changed the theme to BirdiesSecretGarden..

Missing Gardening!!