Monday, April 18, 2011

Randow Thoughts !!!

Thought I'm in office ... I feeling like as If I'm sitting along the sharvathi river backwaters; feeling the cold breeze and enjoying the sunset. So, many thoughts running around. Feeling like I need a holiday again... dreaming of Parasailing or just sitting and watching the birds around the paddy field.

Thinking of how a year has passed and how things around me have changed? I'm getting a year older day after tomorrow. So, many things have changed but I feel I'm still the same. Thought, I have learnt from by experiences I'm still believe I'm not grow up so much :) still feel like out of college :D

Now the thoughts are like what gift I'm going to buy for this b'day. There is a huge list wish someone cud buy some in the list he he he :). I know I'm shopaholic. Shopping make me feel good!! this is me n ‘will never ever change no matter how old I will become :)