Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Meal Mission: Mc Donald's

I'm just enjoying my semester break. Feeling so, free like a bird flying in the sky. Second semester countdown has begun. Hardly 13 days left. Even though the countdown ends, I know it hardly matters to me as i don’t have a study plan. :) So, just enjoying the time in the weekend but also in the weekdays. Last week had been out for lunch twice to ur favourite place Mc Donald’s. :) Enjoyed food and the ambience. Let me tell the experience which we had out there.

MEAL MISSION Started at 12.25P.M:
Crazy TRIO boarded the cab teased the driver Victim 1. Got down from cab and started walking towards the IT park where MC Donald’s restaurant is there. We were not sure whether they will allow outsiders or not. On the way, we started commenting for everyone who’s along the road side. Meanwhile, we were also thinking of a back up plan if they don't allow us in i.e. we were thinking about a person who can take us in. We knew that this plan will not work but with just an optimistic though we went there. We put our id cards so, that the security guys can see and allow us. All set for the Meal Mission at Mc Donald's.

Gate 1: Somehow the main security guys allowed us. We felt relieved.
Gate 2: (Virtual gate: Security guy was standing): He asked me madam badge?? I asked him what? He said, Madam you have to take badge. I said OK and we all went to take badge.
In the counter, a lady asked me where you want to go? I said XYZ Company. She asked me which tower? I said I donno. By this, she figured out that we have come for the cafe and asked XYZ Company or Cafeteria? I stupidly said both. Inside i was literally feeling like laughing since i know that i was trying to fool a person who might have seen lot of ppl like me trying to fool her the same way. Finally, she said give them the Cafeteria register by sensing hungry stomach and foolish face . We made an entry in that and entered the final gate.

We enjoyed the happy meal and the ambience. Happily returned to Office.