Tuesday, January 5, 2010

My sweet little niece...

I'm feeling bored to study now and had gone to sleep...but my sweet little niece whom i met in the weekend came to my mind. Well; how can i forget to write about this sweet little girl? 

Over the weekend she had come to my home with her granny. I had a wonderful time with her. She is just three year old, talks a lot but says all sensible things. I really wondered how can a three year old can talk so much :)

My sister was preparing smething and asked me to give her the raisins.When I gave her some raisins to eat she asked me why did u give this to me, what will happen if I eat? I said It taste good and you vl get strenght if you eat this. After tasting it, she really described the taste of it by making faces..she said its little sour and little sweet..I was really stunned!!!!

As she loves popcorn i was making it for her. She came to the kitchen and asked me why is it making sound? I explained her that it has to expand so, that it becomes a little soft and you can eat them..( Actually reason is somethings else http://www.nasa.gov/audience/forkids/home/popcorn.html) She said ok and asked me to stand away from that as popcorn was making too much of noise..I told her it vl not hurt she said no; it can hurt both aduts and kids. Listening to her i came away from it ..just allowing popcorn to pop somemore... :) After that she happily enjoyed her bowl full of popcorn.

Later, while leaving i presented her my barbie doll.. She was happy looking at it and kept it in her bag. (I know it's hard to give ur doll but anything for my little niece)..


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