Monday, December 7, 2009

I love my coffee..

It’s winter, bitterly cold and freezing, I was missing my hot cup of coffee.
Every day after breakfast I love having my medium strong coffee :).These days I’m so much addicted to it that i have been having it more than 4 times a day. I myself don't know when and how i got so much addicted to it even though i know that it's not good for health. Usually don't get hanged on to anything so easily... but this time i dint even realized when i started loving it so much.

Last week me and my friend decided not to drink coffee and wanted to see how many days we can have the war against our taste buds. After this, I stopped passing by the coffee counter in cafeteria b'coz the smells makes me mad and I will start all over it again.

Last weekend, my Amma offered me a cup of hot coffee @ 5.30 in the evening,
I just told her...Amma, i have stopped drinking i don’t want to even smell it.
I told her as if i hate the smell but the truth is that; I will fall in love with it again... and even my Mom knows that.

Things I did after saying no to coffee:
Stopped looking @ the CCD boards and wonderful posters of cappuccino, Latte, espresso

Stopped passing by the coffee counter in cafeteria b'coz the smells makes me mad and i will start all over it again.
Started eating a variety of junk food, just to make my tummy full and their is more appetite to have coffee.

At 11.45 A.M: I couldn’t resist myself and went and got a hot cup of coffee. :)

During the lunch time, we were discussing on the same topic and told my friend i had a cup of coffee as i couldn’t resist and she told my dear it's only 4 days that you have stopped. I really felt it's been more that a week and lost the bet with my friend and also with my taste buds.

After all this i have decided have just a cup of coffee in a day or half a cup twice. :)
I just love my hot cup of coffeeeeeeee.....