Thursday, December 10, 2009

Rammu...I vl Miss U..

To meet & depart is the way of life, but to depart & meet is the hope of life. We meet to create memories, but we depart to preserve it....

I'm always get scared of being close to anyone. Just sacred of being hurt when they go away.. To keep myself away from this; I never get close to people easily. But now, I'm back again in the same situation where one of my close friend is moving to a different office building.

We both met in a office outing almost 2 years back and I donno how we got close to each other. "Enjoying all the small things and moments of life" this is our motto of our life.
My day starts with pinging her GM in the IM . She is the one who listens to all the things without complaining. No matter how many times i might have told her the same thing.

Whenever i fell bored, I ping her on the IM and say " Rammu: I'm feeling bored” she will always be there for suggesting things to bring back my mood.

Always used to make a comment on someone or say something and laugh intolerably.
Talk in all code words so, that ppl don’t understand what we are talking. And just smile at them when they are looking weirdly at us.

Meeting each other at lunch and coffee time n’ talking about movies, novels and ppl around was so much fun.
We used to fight for eating chocolates. :)

Rammu, I'm going to miss u badly. But I'm so much glad that i know a person like you and will cherish all the moments that we have spent...

Playing: Tu Janne Na :)

Miss u badly,