Wednesday, April 21, 2010

My B'day.....

I had not planned anything for my birthday. Just wanted to enjoy the day as it comes. Frankly, whatever I plan will go for a toss so, there  was no hard core plans for this year b’day. Actually speaking, I wanted my sister and friend's to do the planning for me. And luckily it turned out that way.

After reaching office many of my colleagues wished me without even getting the birthday reminder mail. It was little surprise for me. Lunch time: One of my friend had come down to our building and we planned to go out for lunch. As I like Mc Donald's they all had decided we will go there. But I wanted to go to ivy and later we decided to go there only. Pinged all my friends at that moment and decided to go.

Our girl-talks meaning 'gossiping' started when we got into car. One more surprise one the way was; one of my friend who had earlier told he won’t join us for lunch had called up saying he will join us. Actually he was scared looking at the girl's gang. Later somehow he made up his mind and joined us.

Having lunch with all of them was real fun. They all made my day. After the main course, I told one of my friend that I wanted to have chocolate pastry for the dessert.
We are all sitting n chit chatting pulling each other leg's. Meanwhile, I saw a guy holding a black forest pastry; coming towards our table. He actually came and placed it in front of me. I said WOW!! Stunned looking at that as it was my favorite.
 They placed the candles over the cake. I blowed the 3 candles and did the cake cutting. After making everyone to taste the pastry, finally I tasted it. Yummy!!!

My friend's started asking me my 3 wishes for this year as i blowed 3 candles. at that moment, i couldn't list 3 as there are lot of things i want to do this year.
It was just a Wonderful moment!!!

Even while I’m writing this post; I feel the taste of that yummy pastry.
Thanks guys for making my day!! 

I’m continuing the next surprise of the day in the coming post!!!

Love u,