Saturday, January 24, 2009

Auto Correct spoiling me!!!

Whenever we are writing a mail or drafting a document, If we type wrong spellings auto correct option will help us. I was in traning yesterday. Trainer was showing some template to us wherein there was a word “Heirarchical” in document heading. We were all busy looking at the content of the document. One guy said: Heirarchical has been spelled wrongly. Just to confirm he asked me. It took a second to respell and tell the correct spelling as the trainer was arguing that “Heirarchichal” was correct. Next thought which came to mind to check the spelling in word-autocorrect. Later, realised that auto correct is spoiling my spelling capability!!

Time Saved and Spent!!

Today morning, I had decided to travel by bus as i wanted to check whether commuting by bus (7.00 in the morning) will help me in saving time. But it didn't turned out as i wished it to be. While waiting for the bus, got to see a guy wearing MANU winter wear. Man! It was just an awesome one. Hope i get to buy one.
Boarded 7.20 bus. :( As i was strecting my legs and enjoying congenial atmosphere of the bus and the early morning sun rays, it didn’t last for more than 15 min as the A.C turned too high. Later, it got to my notice that the conductor was giving stop for every half a km to all of them who were showing their hands (Who were actually walking like tortoise) even though there was no Bus stop. He gave 15 stops from BTM to Marathalli bridge. Finally, reached office @ 8.45. Saved only 15 min of my time, which I spent explaining this to my friend.