Saturday, December 6, 2008

Ad that caught my attention!!!

I got up a little late and missed my early morning cab so, decided to take cab @ 8.30. Got a little time to watch Amitabh the NDTV reporter and some news. Boarded the 8.30 and met my friend. We started discussing about our work, our trips, Bangalore roads, recession, depression and Mumbai terror attack.

I normally happen to look at all the Ads boards around the road. As they say a lot with little time, little space and have lots of thoughts, creativity in it. I just simply love the ads making people. They are just “Genius” man!!! We were few yards away from our office, stuck in traffic jam and an ad board caught my attention.

It was the new Tata Sky + ad of Aamair Khan (and Gul Panag). It said “Watch your F1 while you record the serial”. It was a pretty good poster no doubt about it. But what got into my mind was “Formula one races comes on the weekends; and on weekends as per my knowledge there won’t be any soaps only reality shows!!!”. I donno what was there in the ad maker's mind when he thot about the above lines.