Monday, September 29, 2008

A dramatic Sunday in the F1 history

I was eagerly waiting fo this race as this was the first race to be held at night in FORMULA 1™ history. And top of it, The Singapore Grand Prix was on public roads around the Marina Bay area. The circuit was awesome one and powerful lighting systems was replicating the daylight conditions.

Even though Ferrari's Felipe Massa won the pole Saturday for the inaugural Singapore Grand Prix, I had a hope that My favourite Hamilton will win the race as he had secured a good spot on the front row.

Me and my bro were eagerly watching the race. I was telling him that i think Massa is in really good position to win. Let's who will make it this time. (Crossing my fingers and cheering for Hamilton).

Very next moment a dramatic n disaster thing happened to the pole position winner Massa. He was given the green light too early and left with the fuel hose still attached to his car.Massa was forced to wait at the end of the pit lane for his mechanics to run down
and wrestle the hose off, but he then received a drive-through penalty for being unsafely released from the stop.The blunder undoubtedly costed him the race :( . Even though it was my rival team i felt bad for Massa. Someone should not lose the race in this fashion. Later still worst disaster stuck the Ferrari team when Kimi went off into the wall at Turn with less than four laps to go.

But inturn happy when Hamilton placed in a happy third. Happy because its was all that he needed to achieve points ahead of Massa in championship points.