Monday, January 4, 2010

Happy Birthday Sir Isaac Newton!

I just love the image which is being displayed on the Google home page. It’s Isaac Newton b’day today. So, apples on the home page by which he got inspired to discover gravity.

P. S: Isaac Newton predicted that the world will end after 2060 and not on 2012, as what the Mayans predicted.


I always love and indeed feel comfortable when I go for breakfast and lunch with people who are really close to me. Till today I never took a chance of going with people with whom I never enjoyed but today the circumstances were created such that i had to go. Finally i decided to go with my colleagues.

What I really loved in their company was no one actually questioned me why I joined them but indeed welcomed me as if I go with them regularly. Really loved and admired this!!!
We started laughing from the time we meet for lunch till we came back to our cubicles. It was really had a good time with them.

We discussed a lot of funny things like hw we spent our vacation, movies, actors, about kids, how actors look without makeup, their dressing, favorite actors, ads, many things. It was really fun.

Life throwing up situation which i have never faced but I’m loving it!!!!