Friday, February 26, 2010

A smile that made us smile...

I went to my friend' desk and asked her whther she will come for coffee.  She said yes, and we went out. We sat outside the building watching people; I mean commenting on each of the passer by.

We saw a lot of people but no one even had a smile on their face. Everyone was looking little serious. We both were looking at all of them and giggling :)  and had a good time.

We saw a group of 4 guys passing by. One guy in that group was really little excited and was telling something to his friends. Looking at him, we both smiled thinking he is one like us …he he he


Early morning feeling...

I felt little lazy to get up in the morning but there was a small smile on my face as it was Friday!
Finally got up after three snoozes of the alarm. I felt like sitting in a cozy corner and reading P.S I Love You and no one’s notices me.