Thursday, April 22, 2010

Welcome Pooh...

I have a pluto - mickey's doggie (which my sister had got); who is feeling really very J about the new member of the family.

New member is "Winnie the Pooh". I got pooh as a present from my friend on my b'day.

Love you Pooh and welcome to our family.
Check this link!!
Winnie the Pooh quotes


Wednesday, April 21, 2010

My B'day.....

I had not planned anything for my birthday. Just wanted to enjoy the day as it comes. Frankly, whatever I plan will go for a toss so, there  was no hard core plans for this year b’day. Actually speaking, I wanted my sister and friend's to do the planning for me. And luckily it turned out that way.

After reaching office many of my colleagues wished me without even getting the birthday reminder mail. It was little surprise for me. Lunch time: One of my friend had come down to our building and we planned to go out for lunch. As I like Mc Donald's they all had decided we will go there. But I wanted to go to ivy and later we decided to go there only. Pinged all my friends at that moment and decided to go.

Our girl-talks meaning 'gossiping' started when we got into car. One more surprise one the way was; one of my friend who had earlier told he won’t join us for lunch had called up saying he will join us. Actually he was scared looking at the girl's gang. Later somehow he made up his mind and joined us.

Having lunch with all of them was real fun. They all made my day. After the main course, I told one of my friend that I wanted to have chocolate pastry for the dessert.
We are all sitting n chit chatting pulling each other leg's. Meanwhile, I saw a guy holding a black forest pastry; coming towards our table. He actually came and placed it in front of me. I said WOW!! Stunned looking at that as it was my favorite.
 They placed the candles over the cake. I blowed the 3 candles and did the cake cutting. After making everyone to taste the pastry, finally I tasted it. Yummy!!!

My friend's started asking me my 3 wishes for this year as i blowed 3 candles. at that moment, i couldn't list 3 as there are lot of things i want to do this year.
It was just a Wonderful moment!!!

Even while I’m writing this post; I feel the taste of that yummy pastry.
Thanks guys for making my day!! 

I’m continuing the next surprise of the day in the coming post!!!

Love u,

Monday, April 19, 2010

Shopping for my birthday dress!!

I had gone shopping over the weekend to find a perfect dress for my birthday. To find the right one, the absolutely best fit, is like finding a needle in the haystack. I started with 'W' and BIBA but they absolutely didn’t had anything.

And then the treasure hunt began. Went through all the brands on the list. I didn’t have any specific type in mind. Well frankly there were a few criteria, like the color, the pattern, the fit, and obviously they have to have to look good. But everyone has these priorities, right? Well if they don’t they should.

I tried like a 10 dresses, took a few energy boosters. Later, we went to another street where we get the best salwars. And finally, ended up in Taruni. I decided that this is going to be last stop and I’m not going to check anywhere else; and visited a shop. I tried a few dresses but nothing matched the dress what I had in my imagination.

Later I told my sister that, it’s ok; I will not take any salwar and will wear that new top with jeans on my bday. After trying few dresses i just didn't wanted to stay there; I just came out of the shop. After coming out of the stores, I just stood infront of the shop and checked the materials on the idols.

I just love the one which was pinkish lavender color. My sisters said don’t rush and buy something which u don’t like. I just stood there a thought for a while. Told her that I liked that pink one if he can get it stitched it in a day I will buy and asked the sales person to show that material which was on that idol. . I just loved that material and felt the perfect one for my bday; bought that and gave it for stitching.

The real pain was in going there on Monday and collecting the dress as my bday was on Tuesday and I wanted that at any cost. Monday was real hectic day in office so; I had to forget of going about collecting that dress and wearing it on my b’day. I spoke to my friend and we discussed all the possible ways of going and collecting. After long hours of discussion, decided to go by auto and collect the dress.

All through the way, I was tensed how it might have come; as I was getting it stitched from that tailor for the first time. Finally, reached the destination at 9.00 P.M and tried out the dress. It was just tooo perfect and I loved it!!!

Finally i got it. One of the best dress i ever owned.


Thursday, April 15, 2010

Love.....nice thought :)

The quickest way to recieve love is to give; fastest way to lose love is to hold on to it too tightlty; and the best way to keep love is to give it wings!!

Shhhhhhhhhh it a Surprise !!!

Today is my brother's birthday and me and my sister are planning for a surprise party. It's always fun planning for a surprise party for your loved one. I have invited some of his close friends, ordered his favourite cake and a surprise gift also. Hope it turns out to be a good surprise for him today.

I wish him all the happiness on this world --'Happy Birthday Bro' but you know it's true that really 'Happy Every Day' is what it is wishing you.

Have a Wonderful Day! buddy :)

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Shopping for t shirts.......

I was very much bored wearing my old t shirts so, decided to the buy some pretty cool coloured one's over the weekend. I find it hard to find one pretty decent t shirt. A thought which came to my mind after searching in almost all the brands was wish we had a option in the store to design the top by choosing our favourite fabric. I know this is just going to be a dream :).

Final, one was UCB. It's one on my favourite brand. It' just the pretty colours and the fabric entices me a lot. Finally, ended up buying 3 tops from the same brand.

Love shopping!!

Friday, April 9, 2010

Shopping spreeeeeeeeeeeee is back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm in shopping spree, making a huge list of what all I need to buy for my birthday. I know its sounds little weird that you buy gifts for yourself but I love doing that.


Currently, working on the list; very soon I’m going to post it in my blog :)