Friday, December 25, 2009

Chocolate Fever!!!

Thought everyone is enjoying the Christmas time all over the world; but I’m working in office with no coffee to drink and no chocolates to eat. In the morning, as soon as i got up i was feeling like eating chocolates. Went near the refrigerator and searched for chocolates; my hard luck, I couldn’t find any (Realized later that my bro might have swallowed everything).

When i started to office, I decided to buy some. No shops were opened. So, no other go, I have to wait for some more time to eat some chocolates..

Merry Christmas!!!

♥ Luv chocolate

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Schumacher to race for Mercedes in 2010

It's such a wonderful news to all the schumi fan's but inturn a bad news for Ferrari fans as Schumacher is making a come back with Mercedes..

After the Hungarian Grand Prix qualifying incident with Massa injured by debris, Shcumacher was very much awaited to join the Ferrari again. Schumacher planned to return to F1 racing for the 2009 European Grand Prix as a replacement for injured Ferrari driver Felipe Massa. However, it then became apparent that he was not fit enough to race due to a neck injury he sustained during a German Superbike test earlier in the year.
But now the Mercedes confirmed on Wednesday that Michael Schumacher will make a comeback to race for the team next season alongside fellow German Nico Rosberg. Schumacher, who retired at the end of 2006, has signed a deal that will see him return to the Formula One grid at the age of 41, bidding to add to his record tally of 91 wins and seven world titles...he won 5 grand prix with Ferrari only but making a come back with Mercedes; that's a little suprise for everyone..Whatever it's everyone is awaiting for BAHRAIN GRAND PRIX..
Awaiting for the BAHRAIN GRAND PRIX !!!
078D: 01H: 31M: 27S

Quote of the year - '09

You cannot make someone love you. All you can do is be someone who can be loved. The rest is up to them.

♥ Luv

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Lost and Found my winky..

After a long search, I bought the winky badge and had put in on my bag. Yesterday, after reaching office i checked my winku; it was not there. I though i might have lost it somewhere and felt really bad. I even searched for it @ home but cudn't find it anywhere. Everytime when i used to look at my bag i used to miss my Winku.

When i reached home, I went near the phone table to call someone and found my winku over there and then my Mom told me that from yesterday it's was lying on that table. Happily picked up and put it back on my bag... :)

Wink Wink!!

Life is a PLAY

Life is a PLAY; where each actor gets to play their own role. Some play their role depending on whatz been given to them, some influenced by others, some create their own but modified by others, and some create what they want to play and describe the way they want..

Currently, too many confusion in my mind and these are the thoughts currently running in my mind.

Friday, December 18, 2009

whtz happening????

Things happening currently..

Planning for the trip
Working on fun activity, which needs to be conducted on Monday @ offz :)
Shopping list for the weekend!!!
Weekend plan and parallely doing some work..
Hope nobody from my team reads this.. wink wink!!! and to add at last blogging :)

Happy weekend!!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Dozing up..zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

After the hectic day @ work, I finally signed out and boarded the cab @ 6.30 P.M. I was little tired and was in no mood to talk to anyone. My driver played a movie(telgu) and everyone was enthusiastic to watch. I felt really bored as i cudn't catch the dialogue and started dozing up.

I got up when we reached a near by stop but slept again. My stop came and i was still sleeping and someone woke me up saying "your stop has come". I woke up and dint even say anything, took my bag and got down. After getting down, I felt really embarrassed and later laughed at myself saying how cud is sleep so much??

Wake Up !!!$insi

Lo Lo Lo Lo Lonely

I'm in office now; doing some daunting work and feeling lonely. So, thot of listening to the music..wanted to listen to Koi hota jis ko apana, hum apana kehlete yaaro from a long time and searched for it.. and played it.

Koi hotaa jis ko apana, hum apanaa kehlete yaaro
Paas naheen to door hee hotaa, lekeen koi meraa apanaa

Aakho mein neend naa hotee, aansoo hee tairate rahate
khwaabaane mein jaagate hum raat bharkoee to gam apanaataa, Koi to saathee hotaa..
Bhoolaa huaa koee waadaa, beetee huyee kuchh yaadetanahaee doharaatee hain raatabharkoi dilaasaa hotaa, koee to apanaa hotaa

After listening to this i really felt even more lonely..
Missing ...???? huh.....

My lovely friends

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

You reap what you sow !!

Few days back i had taken some 20 shares of a xyz cement company and reaped good profits!!! That's why i think people say; You reap what you sow !!
I sowed in a right seed at the right time and reaped profits!!!


My dream of interior designing a house!!!

My friend had mailed me asking me to do the interior design for her new home. Reading her mail i was so excited and started thinking of different design which cud suit her house. The wall color, furnitures, drapes, curtains, carpets and many things..

Meanwhile, my alarm rang and realised that i was really dreaming!!!

Luv Dreaming!!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Popcorn popping out

It was 9.00 P.M and i was feeling hungry (just 30 min after i started my study). Having a menu in my mind, i walked out of my room. My Mom asked, Are you feeling hungry? Shall i make Chapatis for you? I said no. Actually something else was there on my mind. Direclty went into the kitchen; search for the the packet and poured into the bowl and turned on the gas.

They started popping!!! I had added a little extra butter, as it was the classic salted flavour. Poured into a bowl. I put some into my mouth; butter busted out of it..Enjoyed my extra butter popcorn along with my bro n parents and came to by room ...not to sleep but to continue my studies (which i hardly do)!!!!

♥ Luv PopCorn♥

Fully reloaded!!

I had a wonderful day at work; as i happen to revamp my blog with new template n gadgets!!I wanted the blog to reflect me in it and had the plan of revamping it long back..Finally the day had come and i did it!!!

As and when i was updating i was pinging my friends and asking them to check it. Frankly speaking, I really got some wonderful comments ..If you happen to vist my blog leave behind a comment ( good , or bad)..Just don't run away after seeing r reading the post!!!

Wink Wink!!

Monday, December 14, 2009

Girls aren't just barbie dolls!!!!

Yesterday, I was watching a movie “Miss Congeniality 2: Armed & Fabulous”. My favorite Sandra was as usual looking fabulous in the movie as the title says it all.

Movie is all about the girl Gracie Hart (USA beauty pageant- Miss Congeniality Winner) acted by Sandra who’s assigned to promote the FBI, touring with the brutal agent Sam Fuller as her bodyguard. While traveling around the country, her friend and Miss USA is kidnapped with Stan Fields, and Gracie decides to investigate the abduction in Las Vegas by her own and against the direct orders of local chief Collins.

I just love to see her; when she gets dressed in formals; typical FBI agent look along with Fuller who’s full time in formal whose aim is to be in FBI.

Quote I love from the movie:
[Gracie in Priscilla's classroom so Priscilla can read book report on Gracie]
Gracie Hart: Priscilla, [stutters]
Gracie Hart: what do, what do we want?
Priscilla: World Peace. [smiles]
Gracie Hart: [Nods and smiles] World peace. And... the strength to hold fast to your beliefs... while society's forcing you to conform to some barbie doll image, know what I'm saying? [Says to boy at table next to her who gives her a look like he thinks she's crazy]
Gracie Hart: [Stutters] You don't, you don't know what I'm saying? Ok, well... it's, it's mostly, um... [looks at Priscilla]
Gracie Hart: it's mostly world peace. [smiles at Priscilla]
Priscilla: [Smiles at Gracie] Snorts [snort sounds like Gracie when she laughs]
Priscilla: [then large grin]
[Gracie winks at Priscilla]

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Rammu...I vl Miss U..

To meet & depart is the way of life, but to depart & meet is the hope of life. We meet to create memories, but we depart to preserve it....

I'm always get scared of being close to anyone. Just sacred of being hurt when they go away.. To keep myself away from this; I never get close to people easily. But now, I'm back again in the same situation where one of my close friend is moving to a different office building.

We both met in a office outing almost 2 years back and I donno how we got close to each other. "Enjoying all the small things and moments of life" this is our motto of our life.
My day starts with pinging her GM in the IM . She is the one who listens to all the things without complaining. No matter how many times i might have told her the same thing.

Whenever i fell bored, I ping her on the IM and say " Rammu: I'm feeling bored” she will always be there for suggesting things to bring back my mood.

Always used to make a comment on someone or say something and laugh intolerably.
Talk in all code words so, that ppl don’t understand what we are talking. And just smile at them when they are looking weirdly at us.

Meeting each other at lunch and coffee time n’ talking about movies, novels and ppl around was so much fun.
We used to fight for eating chocolates. :)

Rammu, I'm going to miss u badly. But I'm so much glad that i know a person like you and will cherish all the moments that we have spent...

Playing: Tu Janne Na :)

Miss u badly,

Monday, December 7, 2009

I love my coffee..

It’s winter, bitterly cold and freezing, I was missing my hot cup of coffee.
Every day after breakfast I love having my medium strong coffee :).These days I’m so much addicted to it that i have been having it more than 4 times a day. I myself don't know when and how i got so much addicted to it even though i know that it's not good for health. Usually don't get hanged on to anything so easily... but this time i dint even realized when i started loving it so much.

Last week me and my friend decided not to drink coffee and wanted to see how many days we can have the war against our taste buds. After this, I stopped passing by the coffee counter in cafeteria b'coz the smells makes me mad and I will start all over it again.

Last weekend, my Amma offered me a cup of hot coffee @ 5.30 in the evening,
I just told her...Amma, i have stopped drinking i don’t want to even smell it.
I told her as if i hate the smell but the truth is that; I will fall in love with it again... and even my Mom knows that.

Things I did after saying no to coffee:
Stopped looking @ the CCD boards and wonderful posters of cappuccino, Latte, espresso

Stopped passing by the coffee counter in cafeteria b'coz the smells makes me mad and i will start all over it again.
Started eating a variety of junk food, just to make my tummy full and their is more appetite to have coffee.

At 11.45 A.M: I couldn’t resist myself and went and got a hot cup of coffee. :)

During the lunch time, we were discussing on the same topic and told my friend i had a cup of coffee as i couldn’t resist and she told my dear it's only 4 days that you have stopped. I really felt it's been more that a week and lost the bet with my friend and also with my taste buds.

After all this i have decided have just a cup of coffee in a day or half a cup twice. :)
I just love my hot cup of coffeeeeeeee.....


Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Meal Mission: Mc Donald's

I'm just enjoying my semester break. Feeling so, free like a bird flying in the sky. Second semester countdown has begun. Hardly 13 days left. Even though the countdown ends, I know it hardly matters to me as i don’t have a study plan. :) So, just enjoying the time in the weekend but also in the weekdays. Last week had been out for lunch twice to ur favourite place Mc Donald’s. :) Enjoyed food and the ambience. Let me tell the experience which we had out there.

MEAL MISSION Started at 12.25P.M:
Crazy TRIO boarded the cab teased the driver Victim 1. Got down from cab and started walking towards the IT park where MC Donald’s restaurant is there. We were not sure whether they will allow outsiders or not. On the way, we started commenting for everyone who’s along the road side. Meanwhile, we were also thinking of a back up plan if they don't allow us in i.e. we were thinking about a person who can take us in. We knew that this plan will not work but with just an optimistic though we went there. We put our id cards so, that the security guys can see and allow us. All set for the Meal Mission at Mc Donald's.

Gate 1: Somehow the main security guys allowed us. We felt relieved.
Gate 2: (Virtual gate: Security guy was standing): He asked me madam badge?? I asked him what? He said, Madam you have to take badge. I said OK and we all went to take badge.
In the counter, a lady asked me where you want to go? I said XYZ Company. She asked me which tower? I said I donno. By this, she figured out that we have come for the cafe and asked XYZ Company or Cafeteria? I stupidly said both. Inside i was literally feeling like laughing since i know that i was trying to fool a person who might have seen lot of ppl like me trying to fool her the same way. Finally, she said give them the Cafeteria register by sensing hungry stomach and foolish face . We made an entry in that and entered the final gate.

We enjoyed the happy meal and the ambience. Happily returned to Office.