Thursday, December 17, 2009

Dozing up..zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

After the hectic day @ work, I finally signed out and boarded the cab @ 6.30 P.M. I was little tired and was in no mood to talk to anyone. My driver played a movie(telgu) and everyone was enthusiastic to watch. I felt really bored as i cudn't catch the dialogue and started dozing up.

I got up when we reached a near by stop but slept again. My stop came and i was still sleeping and someone woke me up saying "your stop has come". I woke up and dint even say anything, took my bag and got down. After getting down, I felt really embarrassed and later laughed at myself saying how cud is sleep so much??

Wake Up !!!$insi

Lo Lo Lo Lo Lonely

I'm in office now; doing some daunting work and feeling lonely. So, thot of listening to the music..wanted to listen to Koi hota jis ko apana, hum apana kehlete yaaro from a long time and searched for it.. and played it.

Koi hotaa jis ko apana, hum apanaa kehlete yaaro
Paas naheen to door hee hotaa, lekeen koi meraa apanaa

Aakho mein neend naa hotee, aansoo hee tairate rahate
khwaabaane mein jaagate hum raat bharkoee to gam apanaataa, Koi to saathee hotaa..
Bhoolaa huaa koee waadaa, beetee huyee kuchh yaadetanahaee doharaatee hain raatabharkoi dilaasaa hotaa, koee to apanaa hotaa

After listening to this i really felt even more lonely..
Missing ...???? huh.....

My lovely friends