Wednesday, April 20, 2011

What a day!!

On my b'day there were some unexpected things happening around. My close friends forgot to wish me. I forgot to get sweets to office and I was in no mood to celebrate. I had got a mail from birthday mailer exactly @ 12.00 but didn’t know who had sent it.

Just to pull my leg my close friend had not wished me. He called me in afternoon and said is it your birthday today. I cud almost feel the reddish hot in my ears n nose. I said yeah it’s my b’day. He wished me and sent a video which he had made for my b’day. After watching that video all my anger was gone. Video was just awesome. Later, I got to know that mail was from him.  J

Other close friend had sent me flowers, which left undelivered to me as my cell phone was switched off.  
What a day!!