Monday, July 26, 2010

Mouth watering bakarwadi..

I had completely forgot about my favorite snack - Spicy, tangy, fried roll - Bakarwadi. You're asking how do I remembered it?

Today, my sister mailed me and asked where do we get Bakarwadi? This word just echoed in my ears' and my mouth started watering :) he he he..

First, thing I did after listeing to this word was to google the recipe..I want to try preparing it one day :) hopefully!!

I was just recalling when did I first tasted this? Some 10 year back when my cousin had visted his pune office and his Boss had got this to him saying;  It's very famous here. You will like it.  I dont know whether he liked it or not. I just loved it.

Now I'm searcing for the stores which sells bakarwadi same as the one which I tasted first time..?

Hunt is on!!